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Every woman has her own movement signature – a sensation written in her body and movement, expressing the very essence of that dancing woman.

This essence is manifested in all its glory in old age.

Over the years, I’ve realized that the elderly body has a unique physiological aesthetic,

and in the context of stage art, it is charged with personal, social and political layers that intrigue me. 

Galit Liss is an independent choreographer and teacher, and the founder and artistic director of Gila School of Movement and Stage Art for Mature Women.

Galit Liss creates with mature women of ages ranging from 60 to 88 who are non-dancers, and her works have been presented in festivals in Israel and abroad. She is the founder and artistic director of the Gila School of Movement and Stage Art for Mature Women, within which she has been developing for the past 15 years the Gila practice – a unique methodology for working with the elderly body through an exploration of its unique physiological aesthetics. 


As part of her artistic and social agenda, Liss aspires to push the boundaries of theatrical dance beyond the acceptable perceptions and stereotypes in society and rethink the relevance of any – and every – body. She works to create an artistic space for ageing women, and promote the idea of life in a society that enables self-realization and development in the elderly body.   


Galit Liss is the recipient of the prestigious Rosenblum Prize for the Performing Arts by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality in the category of Artists with Promising Achievements for 2022 and was chosen as one of the 'Heroes of the Year' for 2022 by Keshet (Israeli Chanel 12) and Mifal HaPais (The Israeli Lottery). She is a member of the Independent Choreographer's Association, a graduate of the 'Artists for Social Change' program 2008 from Musrara School of Photography, Media and New Music, and holds a M.Mus from the Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem.


Alongside her artistic work, Liss lectures at professional conferences and events dedicated to challenging stereotypes, particularly around ageing, while exploring creative processes and the connection between art and society. Amongst them are: Harvard University (US); Oxford University (UK); Haifa University (Israel); Hebrew University (Israel); The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (Israel); Moving Borders Program (Munich Germany); Dance Vision Organization, (Czech Republic); Creative Think Tank-Tanz Bremen Festival (Germany) and more 

List of works:

Acting Our Age – Co-production with choreographer Yael Flexer (UK). UK Tour Premiere: Dance Theatre Space, University of Chichester; South East Dance, Brighton; Hull Dance, May 2023

Blue Zone – Co-Creator: Orit Gross. Premiere: Israel Festival 2020


GO! – Co-Creator: Orit Gross. Premiere: Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre, Tel Aviv, December 2017/January 2018


557  – Premiere: Curtain Up Project 2014


Eshet Chail (A Woman of Valor) – Collaboration with Iris Nais Hadar, Premiere: Between Heaven and Earth Festival 2012


Tzila – Premiere: Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre, Tel Aviv, 2012


Gila – Premiere: Women Festival, Holon, 2008 (The work process of Gila was filmed for the documentary Fluchkes directed by Ofer Inov and presented at Docaviv – the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival 2011) 

Brides – Collaboration with Aya Israeli, Premiere: Habama Theatre, Jerusalem, 1994

Specials Projects:

I'm Here  – A site specific interactive community project created with local women from Vysočina, Czech Republic, and women from Israel. 

I'm Here II.  Premiere: The National Gallery of Prague, PQ  Prague Quaderniale 2023 

I'm Here I. Premiere: KoresponDance Festival, Žďár nad Sázavou 2022  


Weaving – Dance project with mature non-dancer women from Germany and Israel. Premiere: DansArt theatre, Bielfeld, Germany, 2022

Participation in Exhibitions:

Infinite Beauty   Blossom, Movement, and the Passing of Time, The Edge Gallery, 2009. Curator: Lee Ramon.

The exhibition included still images by photographer Eli Passi and a video dance from Gila by video artist Niv Moshe Ben David and Galit Liss

Accessibility  – an exhibition of the group Artists for Social Change, 2008. Curator: Gabi Yair.

The exhibition included a video dance from Gila by video artist Niv Moshe Ben David and Galit Liss

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