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Premiere: Woman Festival 2008, Holon | Artistic Director: Rivi Feldmesser Yaron 


Gila presents life through the lens of old age, and examines the meaning of how we choose to live. It reflects the spirit of women who choose to dance life at any age, 

and illuminates the joy and discovery that contribute to the vital living of elderly women. In Hebrew, "Gila" means age, joy, and discovery. 


The performers are women between the ages of 70-85; some are professional actresses who have appeared on stage in Israel and abroad, like Miriam Gavrieli, Hanna River and Ruth Geller, while others have no stage experience, but are filled with courage and curiosity to participate in this journey. These include Ruth Ben Israel (recipient of the Israel Prize for Law) and Talma Dim (a piano teacher who decided at the age of 64 to explore acting and movement).


Gila is the first work of choreographer Galit Liss with women of mature age, and the beginning of her ongoing artistic and social research in the physiological aesthetics of the ageing body.    ​

Video&Editing: Niv Moshe Ben David, Eli Passi

Choreography and Concept: Galit Liss

Performers and Co-Creators (in alphabetical order): Ruth Ben-Israel, Talma Dim, Miriam Gavrieli, Ruth Geller, Miri Lerman, Hanna River

Sound Design and editing: Moshe Shasho

Costume Design: Noa Vidman 

Set design and Production: Gadi Zahor 

Light design: Martin Adin 

Video Editing: Niv Ben-David 

Animation: Ram Efron 

Performance Manager: Sharon Zuckerman

Projection: Doron Atias

Graphic Design: Nurit Brande

Photos: Eli Passi

Duration: 60 minutes

​The performance was made possible with the kind support of Matan – Center for Experimental Theatre, Mifal HaPais (Israel Lottery Council for the Art), the Choreographer's Association; and with the generous assistance of Suzanne Dellal Centre for Theatre and Dance and Roni Friedman - Naim Studio. 


“The texture of motion that is created on the stage is an enchanting combination and often comic of short stories… a great sense of self-humor. There is also dance and a captivating seriousness… and when the lights come on again the audience is mesmerized, applauding, in love”.

Gabi Aldor, Maariv

“Liss brings us a much clearer, honest and inspirational point of view…

without faking at any moment”.

Shai Bar-Yaacov, Yedioth

"It was a moving evening, so real and honest. The piece took over me with warmth and calmness from its very beginning. I sat completely immersed as if I am part of a fabric of life in a society we are all longing for”.

Yair Vardi, Director of Suzanne Dellal Centre 1989-2019

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