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Premiere: DansArt Theatre, Bielefeld, Germany, December 2022

Weaving seeks to explore the structure of an individual and how its parts organize into a feminine texture that evolves into a shared human resource.

In the project, women from Germany and Israel met for 2 weeks for an intimate creative process, to discover the unique connections between them, sharing their personal stories through body and movement, to weave the similarities and differences between them. 


Weaving is an ongoing project that Galit Liss has been invited to take part in for the second time, and work with mature women in the framework of DansArt in Bielefield. It realizes her manifesto act for the female maturing body. 

Concept and Choreography: Galit Liss

Choreographic Assistance: Orit Gross

Dancers: Annete Jupke, Elke Zimmerlinkat (Germany), Orit Gross, Vered Yatziv (Israel)  

Curation: Elisabeth Masé

Light Design: Jost Jakobfeuerborn and Tchekpo Dan Agbetou

Photos: Elisabeth Masé

Production: Alina Feldman and DansArt Tanznetworks

Duration: 20 minutes


Thanks to: Tchekpo Dan and Ulla Agbetou – DansArt, Elisabeth Masé


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