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A Choreographic Protest Act by Gila School – Movement and Stage Art for Women of Mature Bodies

In response to the ongoing cultural lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, the women of Gila School performed a choreographic protest act to raise awareness to the importance of culture for the body and spirit of people in the third age, who suffer the most from social loneliness in these challenging times. 


On Friday, October 30, women from GILA school, between the ages of 60 to 85, gathered in the early morning hours in the main square of Suzanne Dellal Centre – the Center of Israeli dance. They danced together, wearing face masks and keeping a safe distance from each other. All of them whore white T-shirts that displayed their private name and age on the front, and on the back – the phrase "Give us back the culture!"  


*The clip was produced as a sequence to the choreographic protest act Give Us Back the Culture!, performed by the women from Gila School.

Video: Oren Mansura |Editing: Oren Mansura and Galit Liss

Initiation, Artistic direction and Production: Galit Liss

Video: Oren Mansura

Editing: Oren Mansura, Galit Liss

Photography: Eli Passi

Soundtrack: Avi Belleli, from 557, a piece by Galit Liss

Public Relations: Adi Feldman - Ora Lapidot Communication, Karnit Basson

Graphic Design: Nurit Brande

Thanks to Suzanne Dellal Centre, Ayala Frenkel, Adi Gafni, Yonat and Felisa Liss

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