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A performance installation consisting of a tunnel and mothers – an artistic action aimed at resonating with the cry to bring the hostages home.

The action consists of two parts:

The Tunnel – an installation created by artist Roni Levavi and accompanied by a soundtrack composed by musician Avi Belleli. The public is invited to pass through the tunnel and sign their names upon exiting in demand for the return of the hostages.

The Mothers – a performative sequence choreographed by Galit Liss accompanied by a soundtrack composed by musician Avi Belleli, through which approximately 80 women of mature age aspire to bring the voice of the mothers and embody the time that is running out.


A video produced from the performance was screened near the tunnel. 


The public was invited to take photos and videos and tag the event to keep the hostages as a top priority.

#BringThemHomeNow #מחזיריםאותםהביתהעכשיו

The performance took place on 22-23.11.23 at the main square of Suzanne Dellal Centre, and on 3.12.23 as part of 'Turning on the Lights' events by the municipality of Tel Aviv for the re-opening of culture venues after the October 7 massacre.

Video & Editing: Oren Mansura |  Video Directing: Galit Liss | Graphics: Amit Ayalon

Initiation and Concept: choreographer Galit Liss and designers Roni Levavi and Aviya Miron, in collaboration with Suzanne Dellal Centre

Performers: women of Gila School – Movement and Stage Art for Women of Mature Age 

Production: Gal Carmona


Collaborators: Consulting Contractor – Haim Hayun | Co-Creator – Orit Gross | Soundtrack – Avi Belleli | Light and Construction – Hagay Shlomov | Sound – Miki Patish | Video and Editing – Oren Mansura, Video Directing – Galit Liss | Graphic Design – Amit Ayalon | Photography – Ascaf Avraham, Asya Skorik


Thanks to:

Suzanne Dellal Centre | Teachers of Gila School – Noa Dar, Anat Grigorio, Tamar Mayzlish, Dr. Idit Suslik | Gili Ron | Felisa Liss | Magenta | Palram Industries Ltd. | Amicotube Ltd. | Tambour | I.O.LOGIC Ltd. | Erez Surfaces | Kofman Entrepreneurship and Construction | Mandel Building Materials Bnei Brak | Bitter Brothers Ltd. | Digital 9 – Hezi Cohen | Shlomit Arbel  - Corporate Social Responsibility, the Kibbutz Movement | Courage Kitchen

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