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Co-production Galit Liss (Israel) and Yael Flexer (UK)

Premiere: May 2023, UK (Dance Space, University of Chichester | South East Dance, Brighton | Hall Dance)   

Pre-premiere: January 2023 ,Israel (Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam | The Space, Nataf)


Acting our Age evolved out of a long-standing acquaintance and continuous dialogue between choreographers Galit Liss and Yael Flexer about maturing and the changes the body goes through on a personal, social and political level. Through the prism of the dance world which both Liss and Flexer active in, they observe the continuously transforming body.  


The project is collaboration between dancers/performers from Israel and the UK in different ages (26-76), who visited their personal dance archives during one month of creation process, and dived into a shared space of discussion on the experiences that shaped their personal and professional identities.


Observing through the perspective of time raised questions such as: which memories are kept in the body, what relationship do dancers have with their changing body, how did the dance shape their identity, and how do they view dance and the stage in the present. 


The project was hosted for a residency at Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam (Israel), and present their as a work in progress at the beginning of February 2023. It has premiered in the UK in May 2023. 

Video Teaser: Nic Sandiland

Creation and Choreography: Galit Liss (Israel) and Yael Flexer (UK)

Performers and Co-Creators (in alphabetical order): Luke Birch, Sara Dagan, Yael Flexer, Orit Gross, Corrie McKenzie, Fiona Millward, Tirza Shpanof-Many

Dramaturgy: Nataly Zukerman

Light Design: Rotem Alroy

Music: Karni Postel

Editing, Recording and Mix: Omer Hershman

Sound: Tomer Abraham

Performance Manager: Galit Liss

Photography: Eli Passi

Graphic Desgin: Nurit Brande

Production: Lou Rogers and Alina Feldman

Duration: 60 min


The work is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Israeli Choreographers' Association, Kelim Choreography Center – Bat Yam, Tzahala Community Center – Tel Aviv, the University of Chichester, Arts Council England, South East Dance

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