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Premiere: I'm Here II Prague National Gallery, PQ – Prague Quaderniale 23, Czech Republic

                  I’m Here l KoresponDance Festival 2022, Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic


A manifesto for the mature female body! A physical sensory human encounter of bodies and hearts between mature women from Vysočina and Israel.


I'm Here is a multi-cultural movement project that took place during one year through live encounters at a castle in Žďár nad Sázavou and zoom meetings, connecting women from the Czech Vysočina region and from Israel. It was first presented in KoresponDance Festival 2022, and in a second version at Prague Quadrennial 2023.   


The performative process evolved out of workshop materials based on choreographer Galit Liss' methodology – Gila language - developed for working with the mature body through an exploration of its unique physiological aesthetics. 


Sharing personal stories through movement, the performance dealt with presence and identity of the feminine ageing body in the public sphere. It created an intimate encounter that enabled the audience to actively participate in the experience through a kinesthetic observation of the bodies moving in space 


I'm Here was created in collaboration with SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development and realizes Galit Liss' manifesto act for the female maturing body and its visibility in the world. 

Concept and Choreography: Galit Liss

Assistant: Orit Gross
Czech Performers: Marie Duchanová, Jana Malcová, Eva Michálková, Zdeňka Sobotková, Marie Veselá, Helena Myšková, Miluše Pesserová, Marta Zitová, Naďa Novotná, Hana Lundquistová, Libuše Sobková

Israeli Performers: Orit Gross, Naomi Yahel, Smadar Carmon 

Text: Orit Gross, Galit Liss 

Translation: Judith Shaked
Sound Editing: Tomáš Miškovský
Photography: Eli Passi

Production and coordination: Eva Dryjová – KoresponDance Festival 2022; Alina Feldman – Galit Liss

Duration:  20 min

In collaboration with: Prague Quaderniale 23, SE.S.TA, Senior Point Jihlava, Žďár nad Sázavou Library, Gila School


“Many short productions and performances leave deep traces and really shake. Just like the project of the Israeli choreographer Galit Liss with the simple name ׳I'm Here׳ presented at KoresponDance... without a doubt, something healing and calming took place, which bore the signs of non-verbal communication, but also something deeper. And at the same time, the entire performance had an indisputable artistic charge and, as I have already pointed out, there was not even a trace of dilettantism in it. One of the projects for which the festival and Se.s.ta really deserve recognition” 


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